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Why should I use SEO? Is there any content Google could show a user from my website to make them happy?

Inside the marketing world, newbies and experts in digital marketing asked these questions. If you're also confused about how SEO can change website ranking, this article will walk you through the process.

If you want to know how SEO could help you to get more sales, listen to this podcast with Paul Higgins from Accelerate Sales podcast.

The Evolution of SEO

According to Gert Mellak, an SEO expert, Google, a few years ago, used to give content visibility. So, content authors didn't bother too much with how they structured their site and content.

But now, it has made changes as well as how SEO tactics evolved. You need to ensure you're using the right SEO strategy. As such, compatible with Google's algorithm to produce organic traffic.

So, how would you define Search Engine Optimization?

SEO has been around. It currently accounts for a significant part of a successful website's traffic. SEO is a long-term professional process with a proven approach, not a magic trick. 

From then and now, competitors are coming in and taking over the space on search engines. Of course, businesses need to ensure that their customers can find them, and SEO strategy helps them do so

How do SEO consultants work

Consultants usually are interested in leads and increase sales. They're interested in being found when someone wants to solve the problem. They help to solve it. 

An example of an SEO strategy is the framework created by Gert Mellak, which is "ERICA." This requires some consistent efforts on the client side. But it is the perfect way to be close to the search engine. It's proven to execute based on Google's algorithm changes and perceptions, and so on.

Four pillars of a successful SEO campaign

Let's dive into the most important areas in SEO to increase sales.

Technical SEO

Your entire website may suffer if something on the technical side of SEO is out of whack.

The following are the major points to consider:

  • This is where SEO implementation errors may be dangerous. And why things aren't always black-and-white when it comes to SEO and digital marketing.
  • Is a search engine able to crawl your site?
  • Is your website responsive to mobile users?
  • When it comes to keeping your visitors satisfied, fast page load times are vital.


With so many various forms of content available, it can be tough for marketers to decide which ones to focus on.

What you're most comfortable with is the best content? Or should you map your audience first and then adapt yourself to meet your audience?


One of the most useful content is a blog or article. Blogging has existed for as long as the internet existed, but the practice has evolved with time.

You can produce high-quality and well-written posts that your audience loves. Aside from that, it's proven to use short tail or long-tail keywords to increase traffic.


Is podcasting the right content marketing nowadays? Should people love to hear podcasts than read an article?

A podcast is great for search engines. It lets you record audio and video, a not-so-boring platform to make.

But one of the main tools we use here is Google itself because it will tell us what they think users want. When they come to this search engine, most people don't expect to find a podcast. They don't have the time to listen to a 30-minute podcast to find out the information they're looking for.

It's a bit trickier to create the best possible podcast to rank in search results. However, you'll get the ranking if you devote your time and effort.

On-page SEO

There is an overlap with technical SEO here. The following are the important areas to concentrate on:

  • Keyword research
  • Descriptive URLs
  • Headings
  • Use relevant keywords in the page title
  • To increase clicks, write meta descriptions as if they were ad content.
  • A strong call to action and a good user experience are a plus.

Off-page SEO

Link building is a big part of establishing your authority. Links are an important part of building great organic search traffic.

However, they might not be an easy aspect of SEO to master. It's essential to nail out your link methods before starting, as it can make or break your link-building efforts.

Is leveraging content on other platforms a great strategy?

Google connects the dots to your social media platform. For example, if you're on SEO, but you write tomorrow about life coaching on a third-party platform. Google would be smart enough not to rank your post because you've no idea about life coaching.

According to Gert Mellak, Google is very smart these days. He then thinks it is the difference between SEO efforts from five, 10 years ago and SEO today. It has many layers and complexities, and so on.

Weigh in the possibilities of SEO

There are lots of confusions that happen when you start your SEO. You don't know what content and link should help. But, remember that every piece of content should target a certain intent, resulting in better ranking and sales.

Yes, it's not yet too late to start optimizing your web pages. All you need is your time, effort, and a good strategy to start on.

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