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I was honored to be interviewed by podcast PRO Charley Valher, to his podcast “The business of podcasting” to talk about how SEO can be the best source for podcast episode downloads for podcasters.

Charley over at Valher Media knows his craft: he specializes in podcast audits, editing, promotion … all things podcast essentially šŸ˜‰

A Step by Step Process for Using SEO to Grow Your Podcast with Gert Mellak

Resource Links: Valher Media Website (https://www.valhermedia.com/) Valher Media Resources (https://www.valhermedia.com/resources) A helpful guide to growing & monetising your podcast (https://www.valhermedia.com/podcasters-edge/) How To Start a Podcast – The Podcast Host (https://www.thepodcasthost.com/planning/how-to-start-a-podcast/) Get your website audited at SEO Leverage (https://seoleverage.com/) Grab a copy of The Erica Framework by Gert Mellak (https://seoleverage.com/books/erica/) If you’ve already been in the podcasting game for quite some time, you’ve probably already asked yourself this: “What do I have to do to rank #1 on Google?”

Podcasters are a great crowd – I love listening to podcasts, especially when I’m getting very interested in a particular topic (I admit, I even listened to a car detailing podcast once) I binge-listen to tens of shows to take a deep dive into an industry.

It’s funny, though:
While podcasters pay great attention to every single episode, the audio editing, the intro and outro, etc. – hardly anybody cares about the final page on their site where the podcast is promoted.

However, many of them still expect Google to rank those pages high and get them traffic and increase their download statistics.

As I’m also explaining on Charley’s show, just because someone has a podcast episode up as an audio or video embedded on a page, with a few words describing the topic … this doesn’t automatically translate into a high-value content piece Google would want to rank.

When you listen to the episode, you will discover how you can still leverage a podcast + SEO to grow your audience and your business.

(whispering …) Here’s a secret: you need to spend some effort on the surrounding article as well šŸ˜‰