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Gert Mellak

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3 Ways To Boost Your Online Sales with our SEO Agency:

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SEO Audit

Our SEOs with 8+ years of experience analyze your website, SEO strategy and competitors and draft a road map to follow!
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SEO Consulting

Get a personalized SEO plan (updated biweekly) to stay ahead of your competition.
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Online Reputation

Search Branding and Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Not Getting the SEO Results You’re After (Or Don’t Know Where to Start)?

We hear that a lot. With everything else going on in your business, trying to figure out the mysteries of SEO and scrambling to stay ahead of Google is the last thing you need.

Whether you used to rank well once upon a time, have tried without results, or you’re thinking about SEO for the first time – we can help.

Here are just some of the all-too-common SEO dilemmas we rescue businesses like yours from…

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  • You used to rank on Page One, but you’ve been bumped by competitors
  • A Google update sent you spiraling down into the forgotten pages of Google
  • You’re churning out thousands of words of content for no result
  • You’ve tried what feels like every white hat SEO tactic and still aren’t anywhere near Page One
  • You’re attempting SEO for the first time and feel way over your head with all this talk of backlinks, metadata and anchor text.

Does any of that sound familiar…?

Then it’s about time you took a different approach to SEO…

Add 1K New Subscribers per Week
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Meaningful SEO Results in a Matter of Weeks (That are Made to Withstand Google Updates and Penalties)

Using our SEOLeverage™️ App and 20+ years of SEO experience, we help you optimize your website for Google’s latest standards to get your site ranking higher fast to extract more leads for your course. Then we keep you there for the long-term.

By taking complex SEO concepts and converting them into high-impact action steps, we give you an effective, simple-to-follow SEO strategy and plan.

Think of it as your SEO playbook for dependable organic traffic that helps you rise up Google, unlock more margin-boosting organic traffic and rely less on unpredictable paid ads.

Get to know the SEO professional behind the team:

SEOLeverage™️ founder Gert Mellak is involved in every single project:
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We follow an SEO strategy plan

We understand the goals of your company, your ideal customers, the questions the ideal customers are asking, and you will have an actual plan to create content that answers those questions.

How long will it take for your company to start seeing organic search results?

Our experience shows that it typically takes about 3 to 4 months to start seeing significant organic search results for a company. This timeframe can vary depending on several factors, including the competitiveness of your industry, the current state of your website's SEO, and you're publishing content frecuency

We know your competitors

We'll thoroughly analyze your competitors' SEO strategies to identify key areas we can leverage and improve upon for your success. This will ensure you stay ahead in the digital landscape

Our SEO processes and resources are all in-house

We don't outsource any of your processes. Gert Mellak is involved in every single project and you will be always in touch with your SEO strategist who will solve any doubt or SEO question you have.

What are our SEO professional services?

As an SEO agency, our professional services encompass comprehensive solutions tailored to boost your online presence:

SEO Audit:
Our team conducts detailed audits of your website to identify areas for improvement, ensuring your site is fully optimized for search engines.

SEO Consulting:
We provide expert consulting services, offering strategic advice and insights to enhance your SEO efforts.

SEO Consulting with 'Done For You' Included:
This service combines our consulting expertise with actionable implementation. Our team not only advises on best practices but also actively implements these strategies for you.

Link Building Services:
We specialize in building high-quality, relevant backlinks to improve your site's authority and search engine ranking.

Online Reputation Management:
 Our approach includes managing and improving your online reputation, ensuring positive visibility and addressing any negative content effectively.

Every High-Impact Tactic You Need to Rank Higher to Generate More Organic Traffic, Leads & Sales…

  • Build your authority with high-quality backlinks
  • Create a data-driven content strategy that gets you found
  • Forensically audit your site’s SEO performance to pinpoint issues and hidden opportunities
  • Assess & optimize site usability so Google favors your site
  • In-depth keyword research and analysis for high-potential & “quick win” keywords
  • Website technical optimization that convinces Google you have a high-value site
Plus, much more...
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Our SEO Agency Helps Boost Organic Traffic by 300%+

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Fully Managed SEO or a Custom Plan for Your Team – It’s Up to You

Fully Managed SEO

Looking for a completely hands off approach to SEO? Get ongoing SEO consulting services that create the strategy and do all the heavy lifting for you.

Plug-and-Play SEO Strategy

Got a skilled in-house team or more of a DIY’er? Get a fully mapped out SEO plan with high-impact tactics that you can easily implement yourself.

Hear from Just Some of the Businesses Enjoying More Organic Traffic Daily

joseph n gerocs

Joseph N. Gerocs


Gert far exceeded our expectations, got back to us much quicker than we thought he would, and provided lots of detail and suggestions about our business that we didn’t know about.
ezra firestone

Ezra Firestone

Epic site audit with easy to follow, prioritized action steps. It’s a pleasure to work with Gert and his team!
luis torrejon

Luis Torrejón


The site audit really gave us enough material to improve our site over the following months, resulting in an almost immediate 15% plus in traffic and continued this way over several months.

An Approach to SEO that Simply Works, No Matter Your Industry

500+ global clients from dozens of industries rank higher using our SEO strategies, including…
Coaches & 
SaaS Companies
Local Services
Agencies & Digital Marketers

30 In-House SEO Pros, Here to Restore Trust in SEO Services

Had bad experiences with SEO agencies before?. We get it. Some promise the world then leave you in the shaky hands of interns or freelancers. Others rank you for obscure, traffic-less keywords and declare success.

At SEO Leverage, your SEO project will be managed by one of our 30 in-house SEO pros with direct involvement from our Head of SEO. And we’ll only ever target high-intent traffic that brings you sales and leads, not vanity traffic that makes us look good.

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The SEO Leverage Podcast with Gert Mellak

Get actionable advice from SEO Leverage founder and Head of SEO, Gert Mellak. It’s the leading podcast other SEOs, marketers, entrepreneurs & business owners turn to for SEO.
120 - Practical AI Tools and Actual Use Cases with Joe Fier

In this episode, Gert Mellak is joined by the podcast regular, Joe Fier, to delve into the current surge of AI tools

119 - Outsourcing Your CMO for Explosive Growth with Anfernee Chansamooth

After about 100 episodes, Gert brings back to the podcast Anfernee Chansamooth, the authentic marketer, who will provide valuable insights on hiring

118 - Content Marketing and AI with Katrina McKinnon

In this episode, Gert discusses with Katrina McKinnon the potential of AI tools, ChatGPT for one, and its part in SEO and

117 - How to Work With a Marketing Agency with Stevie Brown

Frequently, business owners encounter budget constraints when deciding whether to hire an in-house marketing professional or opt for marketing services based on


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