Google March 2023 Core Update: What You Need To Know

Google has recently announced its first broad core update in 2023. This means that the rankings and discoverability of your web pages could be affected drastically. Understanding what this update entails and how it might impact your business is vital to stay ahead of the curve.

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Website owners can stay ahead of their competition by adhering to the latest core update requirements and conducting regular site audits. You can provide your users with the best possible experience and unlock your full potential in the digital space.

Read on to learn more about the following:

  • an overview of Google's core algorithm update
  • how this update will affect your site ranking
  • key steps to ensure your site remains competitive and visible in search engine results pages

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Overview of the Google March 2023 Core Update

In this latest update, Google has introduced some significant changes to its algorithms. It focuses primarily on evaluating content quality, user engagement, and the overall authority of web pages.

Here are the important things you should know about this update:

NameGoogle March 2023 Broad Core Update
Launch dateMarch 15, 2023, at 10:30 am ET
RolloutIt will take one to two weeks to completely roll out
TargetsAll types of content
GlobalImpacts all regions and all languages
ImpactGoogle has not disclosed the exact percentage of searches or queries this update has impacted, but so far, it’s a typical core update reaching wide and with a fast impact.
PenaltyIt’s not a penalty. Instead, it rewards or promotes great web pages.
RecoverIf this update hits you, you must look at your content and check if you can be better with the core update advice from Google.
RefreshesGoogle implements periodic refreshes to this algorithm but might not communicate such updates in the future.

What “Core Updates” Are

Core updates are a critical aspect of search engine algorithms. It ensures that the search results provided to users are relevant and of high quality.

As technology and user preferences evolve, these updates are made to improve search engines' understanding and evaluation of websites.  It aims to deliver the most accurate and useful responses to user queries.

In essence, core updates serve as refinements to the complex ranking system that search engines use to navigate the vast digital landscape. It allows search engines to adapt to the ever-changing world of the internet, continuously enhancing how content is indexed and displayed. This progression ultimately leads to a more intuitive and efficient user experience. It makes it easier for people to find the information they need and give deserving content the visibility it warrants.

Our SEOLeverage™️ app allows you to analyze the impact of Google algorithm updates on your site through its Impact Checker feature. 

How the Google March 2023 Core Update Will Affect Your Website Ranking

Like the previous core updates, the March 2023 core update is anticipated to bring monumental changes to the search engine's algorithm. It will heavily weigh factors such as website quality, user experience, and relevance. As a result, websites with subpar content, outdated designs, or weak security measures may witness a decline in their search rankings.

To maintain or improve your website's position in Google search results, it's essential that you:

  • stay informed about the upcoming update
  • analyze the possible impacts on your website
  • proactively adopt necessary measures

Prioritize your site's content, design, and user experience. This is the only way you are assured to benefit from this monumental shift in the online landscape.

Tips for Improving Your Website Performance

You can enhance your site's performance and user experience in several ways. These include:

Paying close attention to page loading speeds

Slow-loading pages can deter potential visitors. You can significantly reduce load times by:

  • optimizing images
  • using cache tools
  • minimizing the use of excessive plugins

Ensuring that your site is mobile-friendly is a must

A large percentage of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Implementing responsive designs can help users navigate our site with ease. It also enhances search engine optimization.

Having a clear site structure and prioritizing engaging content

Great content attracts the attention of both users and search engines.

Monitoring your website performance regularly

Tracking your site's performance can help identify areas that need improvement, ensuring that it remains in tip-top shape.

The SEOLeverage™️ app is a great tool for monitoring your site’s health.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

You need to avoid some common mistakes when preparing for a Google core update.

Some users might become preoccupied with penalties causing them to neglect other essential aspects of optimization. The SEO community emphasizes that these broad core updates primarily focus on rewarding high-quality content rather than penalizing low-quality material.

Another misstep is the deliberate allocation of too much time and effort to decipher Google's algorithms. Instead, invest your energy into understanding your audience. And create content that caters to their interests and needs.

You can effectively adapt to Google algorithm updates by steering clear of these pitfalls. You'll also keep your content at the top of search results.

Optimizing Your Site for SEO with SEOLeverage™️

Embracing the dynamic world of SEO can significantly contribute to the online success of your business. Optimizing your site for SEO will unlock numerous benefits that can elevate your brand and web presence to new heights.

Increasing your site's visibility on search engines enables you to draw in a larger audience.

Optimizing your site for SEO is the establishment of credibility and trust among online users. You position your brand as the go-to source in your field through informative, relevant, and easy-to-find content.

You can provide an enhanced user experience by adapting to SEO best practices.

Optimizing your site for SEO can be the backbone of a thriving and sustainable online business. And our SEO professionals, along with our SEOLeverage™️ app, can help you with this. From doing a site audit, optimizing your web pages, and creating helpful content, we can help ensure that your site gets rewarded and stays ahead in today’s competitive digital realm.

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