Faceted Navigation

Faceted navigation, famously known as faceted search, is a type of search technology commonly used in e-commerce and by many major search engines like Google Search Console. It provides precision and relevance by allowing users to eliminate unnecessary search results through multiple criteria selections.

By helping reduce the information overload that can occur when searching, faceted navigation allows for an intuitive and user-friendly experience as every step of the process leads closer to what you are searching for.

It allows users to select specific categories or traits they want their search results to match. For example, if searching for an item of clothing, the user can specify what color, size, and price range they would like the items to be in before actually conducting a search.

So rather than using traditional filters that can lead to multiple URLs of the same page, faceted navigation directs customers to specific versions of the same page so they can easily drill down into their interests.

This benefits customers and businesses as it facilitates easier browsing and enhances the user experience when navigating through large catalogs of products. Ultimately, this allows businesses to uncover further insights about their customer’s behavior, connecting them with target audiences more efficiently.