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KPI Overview

Quickly understand what is happening, and take the right action


Make conversions be the driver of your SEO decisions

Change Log

Do good things for your SEO and track how they drive more leads

Action steps

Focus on implementation, and assign tasks to your team


Run your own SEO experiments for a competitive edge


Reach out to the SEOLeverage experts for help and guidance

1. KPI Overview

Tired of looking at your Google Analytics?

Using the KPI Overview, you will always know where the traffic comes into your site,
and how it converts.

Check out which articles are converting better, 
and which URLs need work to get back up,
with the user-friendly color-highlighting
across different months.

2. Branded / Non-branded 

If you only look at organic traffic, you won't know whether people find you because of your good SEO, or because they search for your brand name.

Get clarity on how both, branded and non-branded searches evolve over time, and know exactly which keywords people use, to come to your site!

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What our Clients Say

James Schramko


Focusing on Data-driven SEO has been the best choice we have been making so
far. Gert and his team at SEOLeverage have created an app we love to use!
luis torrejon

Luis Torrejón


3. Change log

Would you like to know if optimizing a post actually gets you better performance?

Keep track + analyze changes you have made on your site, and monitor how the changed pages perform afterwards.

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4. Update Impact

Who hasn't been there: Google launches an update, and YOU need to know if and how the update affected your site.

The SEOLeverage Update Impact tool shows you how your site's organic search performance has evolved over the time of announced Google Updates!

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5. SEOLab for your Experiments

On established sites, you'd better test major changes before rolling them out.

And by the way, not everything Google tells you will also hold true for your site.

With the SEOLab you can monitor changes on your site and compare with your pages' previous performance!

More features:

Page Importance
Website Health
Content decay
Link database
Website settings
Branded / Non-Branded performance
CTR Optimization
Deep Insights

If you are an agency, or running multiple sites, inside SEOLeverage  you can soon easily:

  • manage multiple websites and specific permissions to your team and clients
  • show proof of how your actions add value and improve a site’s SEO performance leverage the white-label reporting
  • get a second opinion from the SEOLeverage specialists' team on how you are helping your clients
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