Case Study Magento => Shopify

Case Study - Shopify

Migration from Magento + Content build-up


Recently Migrated
Shopify store (From Magento)

A solid family business had been relying on Magento for years, but eventually decided to make the switch to shopify. The complete website relaunch changed hundreds of URLs, produced thousands of unnecessary URLs that should not exist moving forward, and a series of technical issues with filter apps and collection pages.


(1) Old site crawl

The old website was still available, so we could crawl the old site to make sure some main URL strucctures were kept in place, while other URLs had to go.

(2) Deep Dive SEO Audit

Applying our Deep Dive Audit framework, the shopify site was fully analyzed: URL structure, keywords, content audit, collections + conversions, internal linking, external links + competitive analysis.

Every Deep Dive Audit ends up in a prioritized list of action items based on impact + effort, and provided a road map for our client's team to follow along.

(3) Ongoing SEO consulting based on ERICA

ERICA is our framework that ensures that all bits and pieces relevant for great SEO rankings are being taken care of on a regular basis.

Right after the audit, and while implementing its findings, our client opted to join our ERICA framework to get consistent advice about the high-impact items to focus in in any given moment.

ERICA comes with in-depth competitive intelligence, as well as a special dashboard, task suggestions and tools, and provided a well-rounded strategic decision-making element moving forward.


(4) Strategically researched content

A big part of the puzzle has been strategically researched content that enriches the customer's experience now with informational content articles.

Those articles also bring in clients still in their research phase of the buyers' cycle, and has been instrumental in driving organic leads and sales to this business.


3x organic traffic after implementing the
Deep Dive Audit findings + content suggestions

Google Search Console impressions + clicks
3x over a time frame of 6 months