Case Study Shopify

Case Study - Shopify

Shopify optimization + Strategic layout.


Un-optimized shopify store

A 2-year-old Canadian online business mostly relying on paid and referral traffic was built on shopify, without any SEO optimizations or content based improvements, nor fixing any standard issues shopify sites suffer from.


(1) Deep Dive AUDIT

In order to detect any possible issues, the project started with a Deep Dive SEO Audit, analyzing not only the shopify site and its flaws, but also the incoming links from other websites, and the competitive landscape.

The Deep Dive Audit gave our client a prioritized list of action steps, which SEOLeverage™️'s team then helped implement in the weeks afterwards on the site, among others:

- optimizing canonical issues inherent from shopify

- strategically adding content to main sections

- optimizing titles and meta descriptions across the store

- UX improvements

- and a lot more!


(2) SEO based on the ERICA Framework

Once the main fixes were done, an ongoing consulting process started, based on SEOLeverage™️'s own ERICA framework:

Every 2 weeks, the site's SEO performance is benchmarked against competitors, a full site crawl happens and the main focus points are layed out and implemented in a timely manner.


2x organic traffic after implementing the
Deep Dive Audit findings

Google Search Console traffic following
overall ranking improvements