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Leverage SEO
to get more organic
traffic, leads and sales!

Grow your site applying our exceptional SEO strategies
and leveraging our proven SEO consulting framework “ERICA”.

Gert Mellak

Leverage SEO
to get more organic
traffic, leads, and sales!

Grow your site applying our exceptional SEO strategies
and leveraging our proven SEO consulting framework “ERICA”.

Gert Mellak

Site audits

Ongoing Consulting

Link service

Epic site audit with easy to follow, prioritized action steps. It's a pleasure to work with Gert and his team!

Ezra Firestone


How CAN we help you with SEO?


I need to recover lost rankings and improve my whole site.


I'm looking for an SEO consultant to streamline my SEO efforts.

I need guidance on doing SEO myself but with professional input and coaching.

My site needs more authority links pointing to it.

Make Your organic traffic a Priority!

we certainly will.

Get your SEO in order!

If your site depend mostly on organic traffic from Google, SEO is most likely to have the biggest impact on your bottom line – if done right.

We help you to get your site’s SEO ready for the best rankings, and make sure SEO supports your business goals.

Ongoing SEO consulting

On a monthly basis, via e-mail support and video calls, our founder Gert Mellak is personally involved in keeping your marketing efforts on track to constantly grow your organic traffic the right way, while protecting your asset from updates and penalties. 

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

Gert far exceeded our expectations, got back to us much quicker than we thought he would, and provided lots of detail and suggestions about our business that we didn’t know about. 

Joseph N. Gerocs

CEO @ 90daykorean.com

The site audit really gave us enough material to improve our site over the following months, resulting in an almost immediate 15% plus in traffic and continued this way over several months.

Luis Torrejón

CEO @ instalacionestorrejon.com

How we approach SEO

Recently, our founder Gert Mellak, has published a book about our approach “ERICA” that guarantees consistent, strategic execution to improve your site’s SEO and protect your website from Google updates and penalties.

Site audits

Ongoing Consulting

Link service

Make sure your website is prepared to rank well in Google, and complies to industry standards of performance, usability and content structure.

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